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Natural solutions for you and your family

Naturopathic medicine in Edmonton

Helping people help themselves

Naturopathic medicine is a preventative medicine that aims to find and address the root cause of dis-ease. Here you will receive direction, support and education that empowers you to become the primary force in your personal health journey. The goal of treatment is to develop practical habits to create meaningful and lasting change. Naturopathic medicine prioritizes wellness and highlights the importance of prevention and balance in all aspects of one's life. 

In root cause treatment we will initially focus our attention on the foundational pillars of health. This includes optimizing digestion, stress management practices, ensuring adequate rest and incorporating daily movement. I primarily use botanicals, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture) and counselling to support patients through important transitions. I strive to make naturopathic medicine affordable and accessible to everyone. To learn more about affordable naturopathic medicine and rates click here

Naturopathic Medicine in Edmonton- Practicing in Sherwood Park, Beaumont and Century Park

Naturopathic medicine for you

Common Conditions

Digestive complaints

IBS, reflux, constipation, indigestion, IBD

Hormonal concerns

PCOS, difficult periods, fertility challenges

Mental health challenges

anxiety, depression, brain-fog, difficulties concentrating

Immune concerns

chronic/frequent infections, autoimmune conditions

Skin complaints

eczema, acne, psoriasis

Cardiovascular health

high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes

Chronic pain

persistent injury, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis

Optimizing wellness and performance

Passionate about...

Women's health

optimize fertility, address menstrual complaints and support women through pregnancy and postpartum

Kid's health

prioritize health from the get go


ensuring absorption and  quality intake so you get the most from your meals... without digestive upset

As primary healthcare providers, naturopathic doctors can support patients through most conditions. 


Preventative medicine promotes health and optimizes the body's terrain. We can also help to manage your risk for disease by considering family history, lifestyle and genetic susceptibility. 

Let's Connect

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Naturopathic Doctor in Edmonton- Servicing Sherwood Park, Beaumont and Century Park

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Tuesday:                            Naturally Inclined Health 12-6:30pm

Wednesday:                      Naturally Inclined Health 9am-3pm

Thursday:                           Naturally Inclined Health 12-6:30pm

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